IOT/WIFI程控制 远演示

时间:2014-06-09     作者:海凌科    

1 Get UDID:
How to control a RS232 device thousands of miles away? HLK-WR02 can help you!
First, make sure your computer ping the HLK-WR02’s IP is ok,and also the HLK-WR02 can connect to the internet.
Open the:  user:admin password:admin,You can see the below: (Here:We have change the user and password)
Tools Down here:File Down    Tool Down
The UDID is:HL00000004 and the password for this udid is:hk5an7.
You can not change the UUID, but can change the password.
Eevry HLK-WR02 have a unique UDID.

Send/Receive data

2.1 P2P to open the website of HLK-WR02.
      We suppose the HLK-WR02 is in USA.And my computer is in China.
      First,Open our test tool(P2PCli.exe) on my computer:
   Because the http protocol is port 80,so the Dest Port we write 80.
     Then,open you browser,type in: user:admin password:admin,You will find this below:
2.2 Transfer data by P2P:
     We suppose the HLK-WR02 is in USA.And my computer is in China.
     The serial port parameter is like this:
      First,Open our test tool on my computer:
Because the serial port is:8080,so we write the Dest Port 8080.We connect the TX and RX together of HLK-WR02’s DB9.That means,the serial port will send the same data what it received.
    Second:Open the TCP/UDP test tool.Establish a tcp client like this:


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