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  • HLK-LD010-5G
  • HLK-LD010-5G
  • HLK-LD010-5G
  • HLK-LD010-5G
  • HLK-LD010-5G

5.8G radar sensor sensor module LD010 Doppler radar module small size adjustable sensing range

Automatic induction doors and windows/intelligent light control system/anti-intrusion monitoring PageView : 9165

Doppler radar sensor module

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Perception module series: HLK-LD010-5G

5.8G radar induction sensor module

4-6 meters range | adjustable delay time | strong anti-interference

product manual


HLK-LD010-5G is a miniaturized 5.8G radar sensor launched by Hilink, with a module size of 14.5*14mm. The chip fully integrates 5.8G microwave circuit, intermediate frequency amplifier circuit and signal processor, with high integration and good production consistency , The peripheral is matched with a miniaturized planar antenna, which greatly reduces the overall size while ensuring the performance of the sensor. The sensor can be used to detect the presence of a human body or various scenes that are sensed by moving targets, including fields such as smart home, Internet of Things, and smart lighting.

The 5 PINs are 2.54mm apart, and three PINs of VCC, GND and OUT are used by default. If you need to tune the distance and delay time and other parameters, you can select the corresponding gear through P2, P3 floating or pulling down with the specific resistance on the module or Use the external MCU reserved on the module to rewrite the internal parameters. The following table shows the definition of the PIN pin:

PIN nameFunction descriptionRemarks
VCCpowered by5VCC@25mA, recommended power drive ≥50mA
OUTSignal outputDefault 5V high and low level/customizable PWM output
TXSerial TX/Burn TDIO/IOPerformance parameter adjustment/software upgrade
RXSerial RX/burning TCLK/IOPerformance parameter adjustment/software upgrade

Technical specifications


Module dimensions

Schematic diagram of the module's size and pin position. The module length and width are 14.5mm*14mm, and the overall thickness is 2.5mm. If there are pins, the default pin height is 8.7mm.

Module host and demo

The parameters of the module can be modified through the host computer software or serial port tool:

Circuit reference


★The signal output by the module can be directly connected to the IO port of the MCU. The MCU program can read the status of the OUT pin of the module to determine whether there is a moving object in the sensing area, so as to achieve intelligent control.

★The high and low levels of the module output drive some switching devices to turn on, such as driving transistors, MOS tubes, relays and other switches to pull in state. As shown in the figure below, when the module detects a moving object, the pin OUT outputs a high level to drive the transistor/MOS tube to conduct, so that the back-end loads (such as lights, motors, etc.) work.

★The PWM signal that the module can output is used for dimming and speed control, as shown in the figure below. Generally, the driving IC with dimming/speed control has PWM pin input.

When a person passes by a lamp equipped with an induction module, the module outputs a signal with a duty cycle of 100%. When the person leaves for 30 seconds, the module outputs a signal with a duty cycle of 0% and the light goes out.

Module detection range

The sensing sensitivity of the module can be configured through the MCU, and its positive limit sensing distance is 12 meters, and the actual sensing distance can be adjusted as required. The above figure is a schematic diagram of the radar detection range under the height. If the sensitivity is set higher, the detection range will increase accordingly. The dark area in the figure is the high sensitivity area, which can be fully detected in this area, and the light color area is the low sensitivity detection. Area, objects can be basically detected in this area.


★When installing the antenna, avoid metal casing or parts on the front of the antenna to avoid shielding the signal. Plastic or glass is allowed, but the obstruction should not be close to the front of the antenna;
★Try to avoid directing the radar antenna. Large metal equipment or pipes, etc.;
★When installing multiple radar modules, try to ensure that the antennas of each radar module are parallel to each other, avoid direct illumination between the antennas, and keep a distance of more than 1m between the modules;
★The radar sensor should avoid facing the AC driving power supply, and try to stay away from the rectifier bridge of the driving power supply to avoid power frequency interference with the radar signal;
★The power supply driving capability of the radar module must be greater than 50mA, otherwise it will cause the sensor to work abnormally .

Transmission frequency


transmission power

0.2mW(typical value)

input voltage

4.7-5.5V (default 5V, no LDO attached)< /span>

Output level

5V TTL high and low level signal (default) or PWM signal (need to be customized)< /span>

Working current

25mA (typical value)

Function parameters

hang high

3 meters (typical value)/maximum 5 meters (forward induction/can Tune)

sensing radius

4 meters (typical value)/maximum 6 meters (with sensitivity/height Related)

Delay time

30 seconds (typical value/adjustable)

photosensitive threshold

No photosensitive function

Working temperature


  • Development Information HLK-LD010-5G 雷达模块使用说明_v1.0 Radar Setting Tool 配置工具使用说明_V1.0 HLK-LD-KIT-V1.0原理图 HLK-LD-KIT-V1.3
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