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  • HLK-V20
  • HLK-V20
  • HLK-V20
  • HLK-V20
  • HLK-V20

AI intelligent offline voice module HLK-V20 voice controller switch voice recognition chip voice control module

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AI intelligent offline speech recognition module

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Speech recognition module :HLK-V20

AI Intelligence Module

Product advantages


Small size package

·Module size is only 16×18mm

· Reserve more design space for customers

Local voice wakeup/recognition/broadcast

·Customizable boot broadcast

·Customizable voice wake-up words

·Customizable voice command words

Supports no wake word (no need to wake up,    recognize command words directly)

Customized voice wake-up/command words

·Enterprise free custom command word system

·The number of command words reaches 150

No need to train the model

·Support Chinese and English

Universal Serial Port Protocol

·Voice wake-up words and command words correspond to the serial port protocol respectively

Product Structure


Product test suite


V20 module + test base board + microphone*1+ speaker*1+【gift】USB2.0 (power supply)*1

The supporting test board is convenient for customers to intuitively experience voice control of LED lights and serial port output protocol data after voice recognition.

The demo firmware supports voice wake-up words: Xiaoke Xiaoke, Xiaoling Xiaoling, Hello Lamp, Hello Rubik's Cube, Xiaohai Xiaohai.

For the voice command words and corresponding broadcast words, see HLK-V20 Demo firmware command words and broadcast words V1.0.xlsx for details. (You can consult customer service after placing the order)

Hardware description


*The module has 16 pins, including power amplifier output, differential input and serial port. See the documentation for specific definitions.

Electrical parameters


Current waveform

· 5V power supply, average standby power consumption of 63mA.

· 5V power supply, with speaker (8Ω/1W) wake-up recognition, average power consumption 77mA.

· 5V power supply, with speaker (8Ω/1W) wake-up recognition, average power consumption 77mA.

electrical parameters

input voltage


ambient temperature

-20℃ to 85℃

  • Development Information HLK-V20固件命令词与播报词格式20200817 HLK-V20 Demo固件命令词与播报词 V1.2 HLK-V20规格书 V1.5 V20底板原理图+底板PCB+模块封装库
  • Software Application
  • Universal Software sscom5.13.1
  • Common Problem
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