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  • HLK-B40
  • HLK-B40
  • HLK-B40
  • HLK-B40
  • HLK-B40

Master-slave integrated Bluetooth module B40 BLE Bluetooth 5.1 wireless serial port transparent transmission module long-distance stable transmission

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Master-slave integrated BLE Bluetooth 5.1

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BLE5.1 Bluetooth module

Compact size/low consumption/easy to use

product features


Functional structure diagram 1: One-to-one Bluetooth data transparent transmission

Functional structure diagram 2: Many-to-one Bluetooth data transparent transmission

Support BLE Bluetooth 5.1 protocol

Main frequency 48MHz, 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 core

Master-slave integration, can be set as master or slave mode, support binding encryption

In slave mode, up to 20 host devices can be connected at the same time

Ultra-long transmission distance, 40-100m in open environment

Low power consumption mode, sleep current as low as 6μA

Ultra-small size, only 14mm×9.5mm×2mm

Technical specifications


Network parameters

Bluetooth specificationBLE 5.1/L2CAP/ATT/GAP/HID

Frequency range2.40-2.48GHz

Transmit power-20dBm-10dBm adjustable

Receiving sensitivity-95dbm

Interface typeUART/PWM/GPIO/ADC

Maximum number of connections20

Broadcast interval50-2000mS

Connection interval7.5-4000mA

Custom broadcast dataSupport up to 20 bytes/custom broadcast data

Binding encryptionSupport PASKEY ENTRY pairing, 6-digit Pincode

Hardware parameters

Serial port parameters1200-921600/data bit 8/stop bit 1

Power inputDC1.8-4.2V/typical 3.3V, power supply capacity>80mA

IO port outputVoltage 2.9V-3.3V/Maximum output current 8mA

Power consumption/single stateTX(0dB)8mA/RX9.7mA/sleep average 6.1μA

Average working current*Please refer to the detailed specification (adjustable)

Storage temperature-40℃-105℃


Other parameters

Device typeSlave device

Work modeSlave mode, broadcast mode, sleep mode

Power and power consumption

Power input requirements

DC1.8~4.2V, typical value 3.3V, power supply capacity>80mA

IO output

Voltage 2.9~3.3V, maximum output current 8mA span>

Power consumption (in a single state)

Bluetooth TX current (0dB): 8mA

Bluetooth RX current: 9.7mA

Average sleep current: 6.1μA

Average working current (adjustable)

The average operating current is determined by the set transmit power, connection interval and broadcast interval , Which can be adjusted, the reference value under the default setting is as follows:

Enable hibernation: 50~80μA

Disable hibernation: 4~5mA

You can set the corresponding parameters to achieve lower power consumption< /span>

VCHG charger input voltage

DC4.8~5.2V, typical value 5V span>

Serial port parameters

Baud rate

1200,,2400,4800,9600,14400,19200,38400,57600 ,115200,230400,460800,921600

data bits


Stop position


Bluetooth parameters



Transmit power

-20~10dBm adjustable

Receiving sensitivity



Bluetooth V5.1(LE mode)


Maximum number of connections


Broadcast interval


connection interval


Custom broadcast data

supports up to 20 bytes of custom broadcast data span>

Binding encryption

support PASSKEY ENTRY pairing, 6-digit pincode span>


Working temperature



length 14mm×width 9.5mm×H2mm

  • Development Information HLK-B40底板PCB原理图 B40蓝牙透传模块使用手册 V1.6 211125 B40蓝牙透传模块规格书 V1.2 201105 HLK-B40蓝牙透传模块手机APP使用说明
  • Software Application HLK-B40_release_1.0.6 HLK-B40_Demo(APP源码)
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